Chod Lang


I learned furniture making and antique appreciation from my Dutch step-mother, Regina Kiek, after earning a B.A. in English from Hope College. We opened a small antique shop in Stanton, NJ where I refinished and repaired antiques.

I've been a self-employed woodworker/designer since 1971.


“Walden Way”
Antiques & Restoration





Moved to Sao Miguel, Azores
Remodeled houses, yacht interiors,built custom furniture, and fell in love

Returned stateside, back to school
for CAD and drafting, built kitchens,
furniture, and repaired antiques

Details by Design

The process of developing an idea into an actual product goes from the general to the specific. The general are the ideas we carry around with us all the time and the specifics are what make them real.

Details by Design came from the desire to turn those ideas into reality - whether it be a piece of furniture, a built-in cabinet,,a film, a presentation, or a website.

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